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AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 17

The LED Exit Sign from Alpine™ utilises LED technology for low-cost, high output, emergency illumination.

Low running cost (1.9W LED equivalent to 8W fluorescent)

27x 0.07W LEDs Long life LED technology

Lightweight & easy to install

Maintained or non-maintained 3 hour emergency backup

Prismatic diffuser on underside to illuminate door exit

Polycarbonate construction — available in a white

Incorporates 3.6V 1.5Ah NiCd battery

Low environmental impact

Minimal maintenance

Additional pictograms available to fit in with your existing scheme

Meets BS EN 60598-2-22 and other relevant standards


Product Codes


E/AL/M3/LED Alpine LED exit sign c/w Arrow Up legend


The ultra slim-line LED Exit Sign range from Razor™ offer hanging, recessed, flush

mounted and wall/ceiling mounted versions.

Comes complete with universal legend pack (arrows left/right, up and down)

Long life LED technology

Maintained or non-maintained operation

Can be ceiling or wall mounted

Cable entry: top, front, back & side

Sleek & minimalistic design

Optically enhanced diffuser

Product Codes


Blade size L x H x D

E/RZ/M3/LED/H 3hr maintained LED exit sign hanging

300 x 170 x 9mm

E/RZ/M3/LED/R 3hr maintained LED exit sign hanging recessed

300 x 170 x 9mm

E/RZ/M3/LED/F 3hr maintained LED exit sign flush recessed mounted

300 x 170 x 9mm

E/RZ/M3/LED/W 3hr maintained and non-maintained LED exit sign wall/ceiling fitted 300 x 170 x 9mm

Product Codes


E/AZELIO/OA Azelio Emergency Downlight Open Area

E/AZELIO/C Azelio Emergency Downlight Corridor


Offering open area and escape route lights our new Azelio range of emergency downlights offers a simple & cost

effective emergency lighting solution for most applications.

The 95-100mm cut out makes it ideal to replace existing tungsten/dichroic downlights.

Pre-wired for easy installation

Ideal size to replace existing downlights

High Output LED Light source = less fittings

Integral Long Life Lithium battery

Open Area & Corridor Options

Built in “push to test” switch


Input Voltage- 220-240V 50/60Hz

Light source: SMD LED

LED Wattage: 3W LED

IP Rating: IP20

6000K – 7000K

Weight: Azelio/OA: 280g Azelio/C: 282g


Product Codes




SoHo – 21W mains version

2100 lm


SoHo – 21W mains version 3 hr emergency version

2100 lm

E/SOHO/MW SoHo – 21W mains version complete mircowave sensor with corridor function

2100 lm

E/SOHO/M3/MW SoHo – 21W mains version 3hr emergency with microwave sensor and corridor function 2100 lm


Mini SoHo – 12W mains version

1000 lm

E/SOHO/MINI/M3 Mini SoHo – 12W 3 hour emergency version

1000 lm

SoHo and SoHo Mini LED luminaires are a true 2D – 16W and 28W replacements and boast higher lumen outputs, giving both fixtures top tier market performances.

SoHo’s are finished with white bases and high light transmission polycarbonate diffusers. Held securely in place by single clip systems.

Now with Corridor Function!

SoHo Dimensions: 325mm Ø 134mm(D)

Mini SoHo Dimensions: 240mm Ø 100mm(D)

Light source: Epistar LED

Colour Temperature: 5000K

Power consumption: 12W & 21W Circuit Watts

Typical power saving: 35-40% over conventional 2D

16W & 28W luminaires

Material: Polycarbonate base, high light transmission

polycarbonate diffuser

Mains or emergency 3 hour maintained and microwave

options available on standard SoHo fitting

SoHo Weight: -1.45 kg

Mini SoHo Weight: -1.2 kg

Compliance: BS EN 60598-2-22

Channel Safety Systems