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AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 17

NVC Lighting

Not all LED products

are the same.

At NVC we keep even the most

mundane products under constant

review to make sure they offer the very

best performance, with all the extra

features your customers demand.

Our AMENITY range is an example;

we have increased light-output and

improved efficiency across the board, to

give you even greater confidence when

installing our products in stairwells and

corridors. Similar improvements have

been made to our non-corrosives, the

ever popular GREENLAND range.

Remember, we offer a complimentary

lighting design service and one of the

broadest product ranges in the industry,

so bring us your projects and let’s delight

your customer.


This is a genuine 1:1 replacement for traditional fluorescent

battens. Available in 4’, 5’ and 6’ lengths, each in

standard and high-output variants. Standard versions

replace single lamp battens; high-output versions

replace twin-lamp battens. Simple.


Do the old fluorescent battens you are replacing have

attachments - reflectors, wire guards etc? No problem,

we have a full range of attachments for the LED

battens, so whatever effect the attachments created with

the fluorescent battens you can replicate it with our LED

battens. No problem - no compromise.

High Output

Order Code


NPH55/LED/850 Phoenix LED 55W 4' High Output Colour 850

NPH65/LED/850 Phoenix LED 65W 5' High Output Colour 850

NPH75/LED/850 Phoenix LED 75W 6' High Output Colour 850

Variants & attachments

Dimming & emergency versions, reflectors &

controllers are available across all wattages in the

Phoenix LED and Fairfax LED ranges.


More products and variants available. Ask your AIEWWholesaler for NVC’s latest catalogue or visit our website.


Order Code


NPH30/LED/850 Phoenix LED 30W 4' Colour 850

NPH40/LED/850 Phoenix LED 40W 5' Colour 850

NPH50/LED/850 Phoenix LED 50W 6' Colour 850

The best replacement batten on the market