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AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 UNISTRUT • Pre-Galvanised PG • Stainless Steel SS • Hot-Dip Galvanised HDG • Zinc Plated ZP • Plain Oil PO • Double Hot-Dip Galvanised DH • Powder Coated PC Unistrut channels and fittings offer total flexibility in design and construction of assemblies for framing applications. Unistrut products are available in a range of materials and finishes. These finishes offer differing degrees of corrosion protection for use in a variety of environments. Where required, factory decorative finishes, <i.e., powder coating>, are available to order. Finishes Available P1/P3 Metal Framing Unistrut Channel Unistrut Channel Unistrut Channel Unistrut Channel P1000 P1001 P1001T 50 T T = 14 x 28 mm P1000T 250 - 3000mm Lengths 250 - 3000mm Lengths 250 - 3000mm Lengths 250 - 3000mm Lengths Unistrut’s framing systems are available as complete prefabricated bespoke modular units which include trapeze hangers, H-frames and 2D and 3D modules. Each Prefabricated unit is supplied complete and ready to install. For more information contact the Unistrut team. Order Code Size (mm) RU22 50 x 50 RU32 75 x 50 RU33 75 x 75 RU42 100 x 50 RU43 100 x 75 RU44 100 x 100 RU62 150 x 50 RU63 150 x 75 RU64 150 x 100 RU66 150 x 150 RU92 225 x 50 RU93 225 x 75 RU94 225 x 100 RU96 225 x 150 RU99 225 x 225 RU123 300 x 75 RU124 300 x 100 RU126 300 x 150 RU1212 300 x 300 Steel trunking system, rigid and strong. A strong and rigid steel trunking system supplied in 3 metre lengths with a connector, lid and fixings. The innovative locator system allows for secure locking of the lid to the unit. Also available as lighting trunking Available as HD Beams HD Beams allow load to be distributed evenly by being placed accurately, such as over existing obstacles. Each unit has adjustable height and comes complete with beam clamps. Rooftop Support Modules Cable Trunking Rooftop Support Modules RU • Available as base and extension units • Height adjustable from 300 to 405mm • Designed to support all types of rooftop services • Comes in kit form for easy shipping and storage • Easy to follow assembly instructions Original Unistrut Metal Framing Unistrut Modular Construction Unistrut Cable Trunking Unistrut’s rooftop systems are quick to install solutions for carrying a series of rooftop services, including mechanical & electrical containment and air handling units.