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AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 CLICK GridPro ® Frontplates FPBN20403 PRW20402 DPCH20506 SCP20508BS FPBS20509 VPSB20512 CMA20518 Product No. Frontplate 20401 1 Gang 20402 2 Gang 20403 3 Gang 20404 4 Gang VPCH20404 Modules GM2001PW GM2001 20AX 1 Way switch module GM2002 20AX 2 Way switch module GM2004 20AX 2 Way retractive switch module GM2028 20AX Intermediate switch module GM2018 20AX Double pole switch module GM2018N 20AX Double pole switch with neon module GM2070 20AX 3 Position switch module GM2075 20AX 3 Position retractive switch module GM2003 20AX 2 Way keyswitch module GM2014 20AX 2 Way retractive keyswitch module GM2029 20AX Intermediate keyswitch module GM2046 20AX Double pole keyswitch module GM2047 13A Fused module GM2047-L 13A Fused (lockable) module GM2017 20A Flex outlet module GM2008 Blank module GM2080 240V~ Red indicator module GM2081 240V~ Amber indicator module GM2082 240V~ Green indicator module GM050 1 Module dimmer mounting kit GM150 2 Module dimmer mounting kit GM9001 6A 2 Way push on/off (non-dimmable) module GM9010 1-10V Analogue dimmer module GM9022 250W 2 Way dimmer module GM9042 400W 2 Way dimmer module GM2002PWBR GM2004PWPN GM2028PWSC GM2018PWSB GM2018NPWBS GM2070BKBN GM2075BKCH GM2003BKBR GM2014BKSC GM2029BKAB GM2046BKPN GM2047BKSS GM2047-LBKBS GM2017BK GM2008PWCH GM2081PW GM050PW GM150BKBN DPAB20401 CL20524 20506 6 Gang 20508 8 Gang 20509 9 Gang 20512 12 Gang 20518 18 Gang 20524 24 Gang NO YOKE STANDARD BACK BOX CLIP-ON MODULES WITH TABS FITTING ON BACK BOX SURFACE SCREW-IN MODULES To order: Product number + module colour + product finish To order: add Plate style, and where applicable plate finish and insert colour, to code The GridPro® range will complement your existing Click® installation, as the range was specifically designed to seamlessly match our existing ranges of Click® wiring accessories.