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Security, Safety and Emergency AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 Product Specification Super Slim Die Cast LED Bulkheads E n e r g y S a v i n g • E n e r g y s a v i n g • e n e r g y s a v i n g • Instantly bright like halogen but at a fraction of the running costs E n e r g y S a v i n g • E n e r g y s a v i n g • e n e r g y s a v i n g • Super Bright up to 1580 lumens using 25W of LED power! ƒ ƒ A powerful and energy saving alternative to standard bulkhead lights ƒ ƒ LED Bulkhead lights are instantly bright like halogens but with only 20% if the running costs ƒ ƒ 25W LED Power equivalent to 135W of halogen lighting ƒ ƒ 1580 lumens of cool white light (colour 5000K) ƒ ƒ Wide light diffusion pattern ƒ ƒ Robust die cast housing with tough polycarbonate lens suitable for industrial, commercial and home installations ƒ ƒ IP65 weatherproof rating IP65 Ra t i ng LEDBHR7W LEDBHR15W LEDBHR25W LEDBHO9W LEDBHO15W LEDBHO25W Operating Voltage 230V ac • • • • • • Maximum Light Load (W) Internal 7 15 25 9 15 25 LED Brightness Lumens 450 900 1580 530 900 1580 Equivalent Brightness Halogen (W) 40 80 135 50 80 135 Weatherproof Rating IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 Conforms with Latest Directives • • • • • • Dimensions (mm) Height 150 185 240 150 210 265 Width 150 185 240 95 125 160 Depth 55 65 70 50 65 85 S u p e r s l i m p r o f i l e s • w i d e l i g h t d i f f u s i o n • TIMEGUARD