Select Electrical Supplies Product Catalogue 2021

143 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 BLDPR100CHR 100mm Chrome BLDPR100W 100mm White BLDPR150CHR 150mm Chrome BLDPR150W 150mm White Round Internal Grille BLCOMBIDUCT 102/3 100mm 3m BLCOMBIDUCT 102/6 100mm 6m BLCOMBIDUCT 152/3 150mm 3m BLCOMBIDUCT 152/6 150mm 6m PVC Aluminium Foil Heavy Duty Flexible Ducting BLPVCDUCT 102/3 100mm x 3m BLPVCDUCT 102/6 100mm x 6m BLPVCDUCT 152/3 150mm x 3m BLPVCDUCT 152/6 150mm x 6m White PVC Flexible Ducting AWCLIPD100 110mm Round Duct Clip Jubilee AWCLIPD150 152mm Round Duct Clip Jubilee AWINSD102/10 102mm Insulated Duct - 10m AWINSD152/10 152mm Insulated Duct - 10m Insulated Flexible Ducting VABAS100SLB Slimline 100mm Standard VAECLIP100XT Eclipse 100mm Timer Round Extractor Fans Slimline Silhouette Silent Eclipse VAMINVENTSKT 100mm Shower Fan and Kit - Timer VAVENT-A-LITETIM Vent-A-Lite Shower Fan and Light Kit - Timer Shower Fan Kits VASF100B Silent Fan 100mm Standard c/w Back Draft Shutter 2 Speed VASF100T Silent Fan 100mm Timer c/w Back Draft Shutter 2 Speed VASIL100T Silhouette 100mm Timer Ventilation Special Selection