Select Electrical Supplies Product Catalogue 2021

111 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Code Description Ei208 Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm • Standalone battery powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm • Powered for life by sealed in lithium cell • AudioLINK data extraction technology • 10 Year life AudioLINK+ • AudioLINK makes it easier to get real time data from alarms. Saving time, money and lives • Data can be extracted by any contractor with access to a smartphone/tablet and the FREE AudioLINK app • Data extraction can be done on site, without removing the alarm • Creates a simple, easy to read report which can be emailed for record keeping • AudioLINK+ is faster, quieter and more reliable For more information visit Multi-Sensor Alarms - 3000 Series • Mains powered with 10 year rechargeable Lithium cell back-up • Includes the NEW Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm for full circle protection • AudioLINK data extraction built in • Compatible with SmartLINK wireless interconnection and remote data monitoring technology using the Ei3000MRF module • Easi-fit base • 10 year life Code Description Ei3028 Multi-Sensor Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Ei3024 Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm with Optical and Heat Sensors Ei3000MRF SmartLINK Modules for wireless interconnection, compatible with the 3000 Series alarms • Wireless alarm interconnection • Eliminates tricky wiring runs • Saves time and disruption • Whole system data extraction • Remote system monitoring with Ei1000G • For use with 3000 Series alarms BS 5446-2:2003 KM83678 and BS EN 50291-1:2010 BS EN 50291-A1:2010 KM86596 BS EN 14604:2005 KM 522831 and BS 5446-2:2003 KM83678 Hallway Landing Living Room Bedroom Dining Room Loft Optical / Heat Heat / CO Kitchen Garage Aico’s ground-breaking Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway is an innovative solution for landlords, providing access to real-time data insight into the status of the Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems across their entire housing stock. Using its built-in GSM data connection, the Ei1000G utilises Aico’s next generation of wireless technology to report events including Fire/CO activations and alarm head removals as they happen to the SmartLINK cloud portal, for full visibility and remote monitoring. The SmartLINK Gateway is designed for use with Aico RF devices. It provides a mechanism to transfer information from the RF network to a portal over the GSM network. • Enables remote management of RF Alarms • Receives RF specific data from RF devices • Transmits data over GSM network • Not GSM provider dependent • Bidirectional data encryption • Unique House Coding feature • Easy setup and configuration • Compatible with SmartLINK & RadioLINK+ • 10-year life SmartLINK Gateway Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway